Bohemian Rhapsody Cover

I had a little oopsie with the piano rhythm, but I thought vocally this was my best take. What if anything did I do well? What do I need to work on? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


  • RLVRLV Member Posts: 167
    This was really good! There were a few spots where you're pitch was a little off, but overall sounded amazing man! Love the sound of the gritty parts your tone is really nice!
  • ONICONIC Member Posts: 61
  • RussRuss Member Posts: 4
    You sound like your on your way, a few wrinkles to iron out keep on singing you ll get there .
  • ONICONIC Member Posts: 61
    Russ said:

    You sound like your on your way, a few wrinkles to iron out keep on singing you ll get there .

    Thanks! Is there anything specifically I should focus on?
  • shiningshining 2.0 PRO Posts: 419
    Great job on this
  • ONICONIC Member Posts: 61
    shining said:

    Great job on this

  • sboggssboggs 2.0 PRO Posts: 8
    I really enjoyed this! Very nice job! If this were to have ducked reverb, much of it would sound nearly as good as the original.
    Dry recordings are great for critique, though, which is why we're here :-) There are a couple of spots where vowel modifications and Ken's open-throat technique would make it easier for you: ("make" in "...didn't mean to make you cry..." and both "time" and "too-morrow" in "... this time tomorrow...", "oooh oohooohooh" in "mama, ooh ooh..." around 1:59). In these spots, you are using full volume, but the long vowels are causing some tension that is hard to recover from immediately. If you re-record this after isolating and practicing those parts, singing those the easier (vowel mods/open-throat) way, I'd love to hear it again. Your voice? Seriously good, rich tone, and going smoothly into falsetto and back, and going from quiet to loud, all very enjoyable on the ears, too. Lots of ammo to work with. Keep it up!
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