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This is an acoustic song I wrote around the time of my fathers passing. I tried to display the progress of my head voice practice in this, to my surprise I was able to reach an A5 at the very end. Let me know what you think please, I am on the edge about this one. Thanks in advance!



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    Simple and effective lyrics. With all the range you have try concentrate on better supporting this mid high notes on the chorus, some where consistently a bit flat. I guess the air added is for effect because that nice crisp A5 was a beautiful suprise. As a recording your vocals sounded a tiny bit hot to me but I'm only learning about all that stuff.

    This was delivered with passion and feeling and I can also say that about quite a few of your other demos. You tell and sell the story. Beautiful performance mate πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒΉ
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    Thanks a lot. I made have over EQ'd the top end a bit too much I make sure I record through my interface as loq as possible so it's not hot (it did take a long time for me to figure that out though haha). You are absolutely right I need much more practice on supporting both my very low and higher notes. I appreciate that constructive criticism and compliments my friend.
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    Nice work!. I think you have a real talent for song writing mate. This was simple, yet deeply meaningful. I really felt it mate. Some nice falsetto in there as well, and although the chord progress was simple, it was the melody, moves into falsetto, change to single strums and so on that kept it interesting.
    Some parts were a little rough round the edges but I really enjoyed this one mate.


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    Thanks man! I have been writing since I was about 11/12 years old, I believe I get better everyday, still not as good as I want to be (probably will never feel I am) I don't know why or how, but I've always had a natural falsetto ability before even learning how to sing. Thanks a lot Scotty, I'm just waiting to hear some more singing from you!
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