Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish

Well it says this is for the bold and I am feeling rather bold doing this. I don't think it's mind blowing or anything, hopefully at least "good" :smiley: . Today is my one year anniversary of doing KVTA and this is the reason I am posting this all the warts and all. I started from basically zero knowledge of anything and this is where I am now. I stayed in Volume One until just about a couple months ago and have been doing the volume 2 exercises, and then practicing this song, for the past month or so.

A little about the song: If you know it you are probably someone around my age who was into punk, emo or ska at the turn of the century, but otherwise maybe you've never heard it. This was a very personal song written and sung by Scott Klopfenstein (not the lead singer of the group) about his struggles with alcohol and his desire to move on from it. I didn't know that before looking into the song more, but I always liked the writing on it because it goes through several phases (To me it feels like the first verse/chorus is dejection and unacceptance, followed by the second verse/chorus of anger and betrayal, then the bridge is confrontational followed by at last empowerment and an outro of moving on), and the overall tone feels kind of like a musical. My own personal analysis aside, the chorus features an octave jump back and forth between registers so I thought it was a good song to test what volumes 1 and 2 have been trying to get us to strengthen. As a bonus, the final chorus does away with the register switch (as far as I can tell) in favor of belting.

Anyway have a listen :smile: I don't know if this category is appropriate to ask for feedback but let's just say it is welcome.



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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,415
    hi, i did indeed listened to them in the late 90s/early 2000s!

    i didn't know that song (or don't remember it), and i checked the original out after listening to yours. you did a good job. i think you could open your mouth much more and make the vowels a bit bigger. and when i heard your version (before knowing the original), i thought it could have more chest. you copied it well but for my taste it could be sung with a bit more chest. it is clear why he was not the lead singer :)
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    borrrdenborrrden 2.0 PRO Posts: 56
    I would have liked to put more chest into the end but it wasn't in the cards. As for the rest I was hoping to start small, build to big, and then get small again. The final chorus was hard for me since I have to land immediately on an A4 and I am not that good at belting an immediate high note (as opposed to sliding up to it) without completely breaking down. It's one of the weaker points of the video.

    I see your point about the bigger mouth, it's also something I am working on. Before it would have been even smaller so I am working on getting it more open but still I have to remind myself "your mouth is not as open as you think it is." I think I will focus on this during my exercises for a while, thanks!
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