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It's the Law, Wow

I think it maybe time for me to take the plunge and get the course. I've been following the Youtube videos of various instructor's for months, and feel I was hitting hurdles. Then I came across Ken's videos talking about the Ahhh in it's the Law. This is a major gamechanger for my voice. Suddenly lot's of things just fell into place and I wish I had found these sort of videos months ago. Doing this simple Aahhh, has taught me where my voice should be coming from, suddenly I was free from the tension in my neck and after a couple of week's of exercising I can tell there is a difference. Normal chest voice singing just became easier, tension has disappeared, still get the odd niggle here and there when I forget about Ahhhh and sing from my neck.

If this is what a few YouTube videos has done, I can only think the course is full of this stuff and will help me grow a lot more? I'm 52 now, but I have kept my choir voice from school all these years. I have a reasonable chest voice that has grown, my mix is just meh to nothing, but my head and falsetto, is still very high. What I really want to get out of the course is, stronger chest, a decent mix voice and I'm not sure if anything needs doing with my Head / Falsetto. I'm not looking to become a pro singer, its a hobby, and something I want to be able to do correctly. I take it the lowest pack will give me what I want for now or does anyone suggest I need more than the basic course. As I say, not looking to do this at high level, just spent years and years singing incorrectly and want to do it properly now.



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    great that you found Ken's channel and the course. i also wished i would have started it earlier. i knew Ken's channel for over a year before starting the course, but was unsure about taking the plunge, which was a waste of time in retrospect. i was more unsure about if i wanted to do vocal scales every day than about the cost. now i am doing it for about 2,5 years and have maybe missed about 5 practice days in all that time (not counting the rest days that are mandatory).

    i think you will find that it just what you need to achieve your singing goals, all the things you mention are addressed in the course. i suggest getting the course + pro packs, the difference in price is very small if you think you will work with it for years (if not decades).
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