My Pride (Original Song)

This is a song I wrote and produced titled "My Pride".
How did I do? Any helpful critiques?


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    Sounds pretty polished, still need to hold your support though. You reach some notes then back off straight away going a touch flat. What was your recording process for the audio and video?
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    Thanks man. Could you give me an example of a word I did that on so I can work on it? because I'm not really sure what you mean exactly. I recorded and produced the audio and video separately.
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    At 3:20 you slide down the note and it just didn't seem to match the key for me.

    3:49 on the word this
    3:55 on the word take

    You are a really good singer with awesome tone, I'm nit picking because you've put so many demos up here for critique that I'm trying to be honest with what I hear. Others might disagree with me, I could be hearing things and my ear for pitch might not be what I think it is, but they are the tiniest bit flat in very small sections for me.

    I really like the track as a whole, lyrics and the music are top grade. I asked about the production because I geek out a bit and suspected they were recorded separately but you did a very good job of a single take singing to it. For some reason the second time I watched it the beginning was way out of sync, it didn't catch up until 1:04.

    Keep making music mate 🀘🏼🎀
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    I am super grateful you took the time to listen and provide feedback for me, it is extremely helpful!! you're right those notes are flat as roadkill haha I think I just kept it because it was my best take. I spend 90% of my free time writing music and stuff so I can't help but to share it with the community and I'm super critical of myself so I need others to tell me if it's actually good or not and if I'm actually improving in my singing. But yeah I'm a geek for that stuff too, I use Studio One DAW to produce my music, I have a bit of experience with production I've been learning to produce on and off for 10 years or so.

    Thanks again man!!
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