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do you ever feel tired of singing and practice like you are not in that much power and motivation as you were before. now its been half year since i started practice and singing(although i am attached to singing and music since i was 5 year old,) and i had never taken a break of days like break on sunday . because for me my psychology of singing is that i have to practice as much as possible and sometimes your biggest disease is your biggest power. .........there have been events and problems and i stopped practiced because of that (of course i didn't wanted to stop) and now since 2 weeks i started again practice but idk. i am just feeling kinda tired i am not getting that pleasure of practice and singing as i was having before. and ohnestly . its really frustrating and confusing like whats the problem...........i had this feeling also in the past but at that time i made a promise that . whatever happens i am not going to stop practice and singing and growing even if my mind say no blah ,blah........like my psychology was that i will finish the system of mind thinking(means our mind can't stick to same repetitive things , and in practice we follow same routines of chest head warm up mixed) so there is nothing to stop me from singing and that worked many times so i just stick to that...................and right now i am doing the same thing and pushing myself as hard as i can with strict discipline.....i am just thinking that am i doing things right or not is this the best way follow. SOMETIMES I KINDA FEEL STUPID WHILE ASKING THAT TYPE OF QUESTIONS , LIKE I SAY TO MYSELF '' WHAT ARE YOU THINKING BOY, WHY YOU ALWAYS HAVE SUCH STUPID DOUBTS''' ........according to me there 's may be two reason

1. as i am following ken so first i have to develop foundation and because of that i am only singing chesty and lower notes songs to make sharp my chest voice, and before i was singing high notes head voice , and mostly in mixed.....and you know that if someone singing on MORE HIGH NOTES MIXED VOICE , IT CREATES A SUDDEN ATTRACTION AND PLEASURE AS COMPARED TO LOW SONGS, idk i am right or not , so may switching from high to low caused this sudden tiredness

2. or may be i was stopped practice for a month , and because of that my breath control gets weaker and everything just gets conjusted in singing and practice . so this may be the reason

3. and may be there is no problem i just need to stick to it everytime and give myself taste of many variants of singing and music and everything will be fine like in the past

thx for reading this .....sorry to caused you problem.

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    Don't worry this problem occurs to all people singers or not singers
    It's because you are doubting yourself and I can relate to it
    Though high notes are important but you should first focus on bridging the gap and smooting out your voice
    One tip I can say is when ever your singing warm up gets over end it with a note where you are very much comfortable it can be any note
    Because it will give you a relief
    And please stop doubting and cursing yourself
    Things will develop but it will take time as Ken even have to spend like 20-30 years to be at that level
    So be inspired and stop cursing yourself do your vocalworkout
    And enjoy singing
    Hope it helps
    Happy singing


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    I understand that things can become boring or you reach a plateau or you stop and start and don't feel the same again.

    When you practice your exercises, they are targeting specific areas. Like working out in the gym or doing exercise drills for sport that concentrate on a certain ability. After doing these things you still go and play the game, but try and apply the skills you learnt in the drills. The same is for singing.

    After you have done the exercise, treat your self and sing what you like. If it's high head voice stuff that's no problem. While you sing you can apply your skills you have been practicing. Take note if you feel you are bringing your head voice down too low because it's easy and try to get into chest voice sooner if you have grown it enough. The same goes for the passagio, if you are still hitting a speed bump or yodeling, take note and smooth it out from the next time that part of the song comes around.

    As you try these things in songs, it may not be exactly what the song calls for, say if the song is all head voice and mixed, experiment with bringing a full chest voice in, after all it's still practicing if you are singing by yourself.

    The exercises are the necessary thing to keep your voice strong and healthy and lead you to being able to sing to your full potential. Keep it up, grind through it day to day and eventually the exercises themselves are something to look forward too. After having time off its normal to be discouraged because you have lost a bit, but it's easy to get back as long as you START again as soon as possible 🙂
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