Heey How's it going, everybody?

Or I guess hello to whoever reads this. Hope you're having yourself a wonderful day/night.

I'm Justin :smile: Hope to learn as much as I can from the course and from all of you! Just started doing the exercises in volume 1 for almost a week and it's been a doozy. So far managing 20-30 minutes of practice.

I do not sing professionally (or amateurly). However, I do hold "concerts" in the shower or when I'm alone, mostly. Do a bit of dabbling on the guitar and would like to ideally, learn multiple instruments. Maybe I'm shooting for too much at a time, but we'll see. I'm in my early 30's and am looking to grow musically, artistically, spiritually and all the other lly's I can't think of right now.

Aaanyways, looking forward to interacting and hearing from fellow students.
It's funny, because I'm probably not like this in person. I guess it's easier when writing on a forum versus talking face to face.

Love and peace,


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