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Add 'chest' to light mixed voice

Hi everyone!

My chest and head voice are connected (no breaks), but the higher I go the lighter and weaker it sounds. It sounds like head mix. I want it to sound chesty mixed.

For example, i start mixing around F4 and it sounds chesty mixed till im at A4.

A4 and all the notes above are weak and light mixed/heady mixed. The higher i go the lighter it gets.

My question:
How can I add chest to this A4, (and after I mastered that, the following notes?)

Do i make the a4 chesty by:
1. Singing the note louder?
2. Put twang on it?
3. Or point 1 and 2 both?
4. Or Do i have to do something else?

How do I do this step by step?

Unfortunately i have no job and money for courses or lessons and youtube videos about a systematically plan how to add chest and how to do this aren't on YouTube.

Also: F4 is my highest pure chest voice comfortable note.

To get the most chesty mixed voice,
1. Do i first have to increase my pure chest voice range till a certain note (like B4) and THEN start mixing and add chest/strength?
2. Or is E4 as highest pure chest voice enough, and should i just start mixing and add strength/chest to it.
3. Also: how do i know if a note is chesty enough and i can go to the next note to make it chesty?

Thank you!!


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,415
    hi, i will answer this one first:

    4. Or Do i have to do something else?

    this is a complex matter, it is a series of things you need to learn in order to be able to do that. along with guidance, you need to experience it for yourself in great parts, and make a lot of mistakes and breakthroughs along the way. the things you describe are mid- or long-term goals which take years and lots of discipline to master. the point of the course is to guide you through the process, so that you don't need to re-invent the wheel. if you don't follow a recipe, you will be out on your own (not in a mean way, it is just like that). and you will need to put in the time yourself.

    so your best bet (if you can't afford the course) would be to suck up every bit of info you can get from Ken, and start singing scale exercises 5x a week for about 1 hour. you start with maybe 15-20 mins first though, and don't overdo it, then increase the time.

    you can use the exercises in my profile for a routine i put together before i started the course.

    sing lightly and don't strain, and post a sample here so we know if you are doing ok.

    it's not the course, but singing exercises on a regular basis is the only way to go here anyway, so you can do that for now. we can make sure you aren't doing any major mistakes when you submit an example

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