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Feeling a lot more head voice-y than normal when rehearsing, also much more vibrato

I've been practicing our songs a lot lately, also the entire set. It's been feeling really good, I tried to put myself in a bit more stress like having very loud background tracks, filming myself etc, to try and condition myself for the "real deal". The main goal for my practicing is to sound live like I do in the studio, I've had problems with becoming tired after 4-5 songs. Lately it's been feeling good and I've done the set problem-free when practicing. However, at the rehearsal, I felt like I had lost the "chestiness". I don't know how much was what I heard, and how much was what I actually did, but I surely used a bigger percentage of head than when I practice.

It's been a long time since our last show and our last previous rehearsal and I've been practicing and made a lot of progress technique-wise since then, but I remembered that feeling as one I've always had before live/when rehearsing, when some support and "depth" goes away and head/mixed takes over more. I thought I had managed to train it away, but this rehearsal it was a lot of that old feeling, but it also felt like my training helped me get though it all well, it sounded good, I hit all the notes and wasn't tired at all. BUT, now a couple of days afterwards I feel like my cords swell up just by warming up, so I guess it wasn't that good.
During practice, I've been feeling like my vibrato had gotten toned down, was almost worried. I felt like as I was improving my technique, my vibrato was toned down or maybe had to be re-negotiated as to how it was being produced. But at rehearsal, I had a heck of a vibrato and judging by the fact that I didn't feel like I got the technique quite right, I'm assuming it was a case of "nervousness vibrato" so to speak. I've also had that at live shows that my vibrato just kind of kicks in at overdrive.

How should I train for keeping my technique in live fire situations. I don't know if earplugs are contributing to this feeling of not getting the chest involved as much as I'd want to?
What could this vibrato thing be all about?
Could I have overtrained by practicing the full 45 min set every other day for three weeks even though it always felt good?


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    Welcome to the forum🙂 what you are experiencing sounds a bit complicated. I suggest posting your scales in the student area so we have a base line for your voice and to see if there are underlying issues you might not be aware of. A basic bridging and basic chest stretching lah scale is enough. Feel free to include a recording of a song during rehearsal as well.
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