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Good morning everyone I thought I'd introduce myself I'm a 52 year old truck driver and I've always wanted to learn to sing especially at church but I've always been to shy to how did any of you get pass this? Another question is how do you get through a song that's emotional for you without crying?


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Welcome mate. 🙂

    Getting over shyness is tough! Take small steps, i watched a video on someone getting over different fears and fear of heights is a good analogy. They took the person up a flight of stairs where it was possible to look out side, once the fear set it they stopped and stayed on the same step for however long it took for the fear to subside. They continued up doing this sometimes one step at a time. They didn't make it to the top the first day but a few days later they did.

    You can use this forum as a first step. Negativity isn't tolerated and we give feed back that is honest, kind and helpful. If you don't want feed back and just want to share you can let us know and we can just listen to you.

    At some point you will take the plunge and sing in front of others. Go to a karaoke bar and just watch the first few times to get comfortable in the space. I'm sure you'll find that even people that are not very good but are having fun still get encouragement from the audience.

    As for crying during a song, you can practice it over and over on your own until you have control of your emotions, then when you "perform" it, you can tap into your emotions just enough to sell the story without breaking down.
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    Jas69Jas69 Member Posts: 2
    @wigs thank you for the kind input, as I travel through this journey I definitely want honest feedback from everyone that one way I'll learn if I'm doing something right or wrong, the song I'm getting choked up on emotional is called i sure miss you by Jason Crabb, I'm wanting to sing at church it's a tribute to my mom and dad who both passed away from cancer. I'm going to take your advice and keep singing and learning the song tell hopefully i can get pass the crying. Thanks again sincerely Jas69
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