I went to the studio to record a demo! New experience!


I have been busy finishing my PhD, so I haven't been active on the forum lately. But I wanted to share with you a new experience: recording in the studio. This is a version of Whole Lotta Love, recorded in Conclave & Earshot Studios and arranged and played by Herbrand Larsen (keyboardist in Norwegian metal band Enslaved). I got the instrumental version from him yesterday and we created the vocals in the studio today. I sung it almost directly, only a few extra takes here and there, and then it were mixed.

I am not totally satisfied with my vocals, especially in the beginning, but that is mostly due to me being a bit tense in the beginning (first time in studio), and that I also had to think about improvising the vocals, and singing with passion. I am used to only focusing on technique! That was a very interesting experience, and I learnt two things: That all these 'distractions' requires that you have good control of your vocal technique, or you will not be able to do all of that at once. And I also registered that after all, I can't be too bad, because I think the result is Ok, even if there are some flaws here and there.




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