Introduce Yourself

Hi. I'm Linda. I actually purchased Ken's course a year ago, but I had every internet device hacked. It has. Even a nightmare. I have decided to revisit singing again, because I notice less range and a lazy diaphragm. Then I just want to record some cover songs for personal history. I started my vocal lessons at age 9, we had about 5 students, a great teacher and a live piano player. Annie songs were strictly forbidden. I gravitated toward Judy Garland , Liza Minelli and we learned old songs like "Second Hand Rose". We always needed to know the composer and then what key we needed for our piano player. We mostly focused on presentation, professionalism, projection and what songs were within our range. In my bedroom, my singing" teachers" were Barbra Streisand, Andrea Mc Ardle, Dennis DeYoung etc. I was a musical theater person, but in my. Teens I sang in competition ensembles....4 part women's A Capella. I started to go to church and it was a very musical church. Our youth Pastor's wife, was a music major as was the church choir director. I always sang I Alto. Later, I was invited to sing with the worship team. This was very nerve-wracking to me, because (only in Las Vegas), most of the worship team were from the cast of The Mickey Finn Show and The Fabuous Walkers. We had to rehearse a weekly musical sets. The guitarists and keyboardist (the men).My microphone was next to Kathy Walker on the grand piano. I learned quickly, when waiting I had to back off the mic 4 feet, because Kathy, being a comedic impersonator, would start in with some silly impersonation. A lovely and a person and I couldn't even look at her without laughing. I was fortunate to find Ken, because he discussed concepts that I was so fortunate to learn when I was younger. He is so legit. Sorry this is so long, and I need to leave for a flight soon!


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