Hi I'm Luzia!

Hey, I'm Luzia. I'm 27 year old trans girl from germany. I kind of always wanted to sing but I was shy and didn't know how. But I realized that A.I need to deal with how I relate to my voice anyway. B.Music is the most beautiful thing for me, so now I got the course and I'll learn how to sing! :) I guess it will probably take some experimentation and time to get to a place were I'm happy with my voice, but I'm not hell-bent on sounding super feminine anyway- I mainly want to find some power in my voice, and something that fits my character, and I always liked deeper, darker female voices, so I'll probably aim for something like that...
With music, I've been heavily into metal and punkrock and related sounds, I love goth/darkwave stuff, and I've also been getting into edm and pop recently.
I'm really looking forward to the course, and I hope I'll find the time to be a bit active on the forums too. Also, if there are any other trans people who'd like to chat about voice stuff (or anyone wanting chat about anything... idc) feel free to message me.
Greetings to all! Luzia


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