is all of volume 1 audio basically a warm up ?

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theres 16 audio tracks in total right? so is that all warm ups? then you watch the short videos to learn the proper techniques? or is there more audio ?
also im still confused with doing it in chest resonance then bridging ? i found most of the exercises comfortable right up to the end in chest voice? i feel as if im not doing something right ? i dont know why im getting so confused over it but want to get it nailed. thnks again!

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    The audio tracks are sometimes called warmups, and sometimes called workouts.  That is because students use them to warm up their voices on the way to gigs, before a performance, no matter how many years they may have been doing KTVA.

    We also use them to grow our voices, because doing these exercises diligently, six days a week, all the way through, will grow our voices, no matter how long we have been working the KTVA program.

    You DO watch the videos so you can see Ken demonstrate the exercises and show you the techniques you need to learn.  You need to watch the videos again and again, because you will get distracted when you notice something new, and start thinking about that.  Next thing you know, it's like when you're driving and you go "How did I get here?" because you've been thinking about a thought and you were on "Automatic" mode.  Each  time you watch, you will notice something you didn't notice before.

    Some of the exercises are primarily to practice smoothly bridging on.  When you bridge, you bridge into head voice.  Other exercises are to go as high as you can without bridging, all the way to the top if you can.  You're working on both tracks:  Bridging smoothly, AND Stretching your chest voice higher before bridging.

    When working on bridging, you need to sing lighter until you are able to bridge without the speed bump.  Once you can bridge smoothly, you can start to lean into the sound a little more.



    This will help you get off to a good start...




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    it says apply chest resonance to strenghen chest . dongt move on to bridging>? now is that the same audio exercises but just one done lighter than the other ?
    and can guys use the female audio or is it not recommended ?
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    Sorry bob one more question, so would you say do the workout twice then? with say 30mins rest between , once light once in full voice? as i said he does state before the exercise that you must do it lightly, im guessing the ones he does not say that you do in full chest as high as you possibly can safely right ? so sorry to be a pain !

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    Thanks Bob great answer helps alot! i just had 2 days of full on rehearsing sang for around 12 hours all together and was great. is it normal to have a bit of an achy chest  after that amount of singing? my voice is fine just chest ache. as im worried about getting nodes, but that only happens when you go hoarse to frequently right ?
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