Newbie here :)

feliciahong99feliciahong99 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 12
I just bought the pro package and excited to be on my journey to great singing.

I love singing from the time I learned how to talk and a pro shower-singer. I believe singing is a special gift that is unique to every person and at the very least it is the best form of self-entertainment and comfort. I taught my daughter to love singing and she still fondly remembers the songs I used to sing when she was little. She turned out to be a natural at singing and was President of her college acapella club. She can also play the guitar and is considered talented. I, only the other hand, cannot read music for the life of me. However, my love for singing has only increased with age.

I have had some limited in person vocal training and tried a couple of online programs which didn’t help me improve my singing significantly. I am hoping this course will be “the one” that will make a difference.

Looking forwards to improving my voice and making singing friends here! :)


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