Original Song - "When I Speak"

Any feedback appreciated, don't be afraid to hurt my feelers.
This is the 1st song that I have had "over the finish line", whilst learning to record/mix/master. There are a few things that I would do differently production-wise, now that I have completed the process once. I have copyrighted and released the song on Spotify and iTunes under the name "Fathom the Deep (featuring Shannon Boggs)", but recorded and sang all tracks (used EZ Drummer for drums). Or, here is a link to the file in Google Drive.

Oddly, this song didn't seem to lend itself to vocal harmonies, and tends to remain in my lower range, no reinforced falsetto. Maybe a female harmony would fit somewhere. I have tried to make the lyrics discernible.
...and it sounds best at a comfortable, but LOUD volume :-)

Many thanks to Ken Tamplin and his crew!!! I have been learning from Ken's free and paid resources for a few years, and loving it. Thanks!!!


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