Introducing Myself, TJ from Ohio

tsterletsterle Member Posts: 8
Hi I'm logging in here for the first time and looking forward to the discussions; hopefully I can both give and receive some good advice. I'm not a pro by any means but not a beginner either. Male middle aged just figuring out how to reliably connect chest to head. Want to front (or co-front) a cover band. Had a good local teacher for a year or so and then the KTVA forums, but have traveled a long and sometimes very frustrating road to get to this point. Glad I never gave up , despite getting a dose of negativity when I put myself out there before I was ready. Needed a thick skin ha ha. I'm sure that is not the case here though. I have some demos on Bandmix that I'll share if appropriate, or there is any interest in hearing. Anyway hi and thanks for reading! TJ


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