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Singing after a long break?

Hi guys, I’m Theo (side note I’m new here)

If anyone would please take that time to read and answer this it would be much appreciated

So I recently took about 3 weeks off singing as I went on holiday and had no where to practise. I’ve come back and have tried singing for a couple days now and something is wrong. Before I could belt a D5 with relative ease and I think a B5 in head voice (and was making good progress). Now I start to choke on anything above a Bb4 and there’s no hope in going above C5 and head voice has come down to A5. I revisited vowel modifications (I think I was doing them slightly wrong before anyway) and diaphragmatic support to make sure I was doing it right, but nothing came from that range wise.

(I’d thought I’d also add that I’m 16, male and naturally a high baritone)

So my question would be after taking a long break from singing, how long might it take before I get my voice up and running at 100% again?


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    edited July 2021
    Do you have the course?

    It could take a week or so to get back to where you were. I suggest not rushing trying to get back to the top of your range, build it back up slowly. The longer you have been singing and using good technique the easier it becomes to get it back after some time off.

    Don't stress mate. As a side note because of your age it's possible your body is still going through changes and the male voice doesn't stop maturing until well into the late 20's. If you find in the future you suddenly have to work harder for those B5s don't be surprised. The good thing is starting young means you have given yourself much more time to develop your voice.
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    TheoSargentTheoSargent Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2021
    Awesome cheers 👍

    And no sadly I don’t have the course, given my age and COVID I haven’t been able to make money and save up for it but it is 100% a project for the near future. However I have been learning from Ken’s YouTube videos for a year or two now and have been practising for a good amount of time most days, I strive to be the best singer I can and Ken is really helping me achieve that. But again I am definitely going to get the course sooner or later
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