Pink Floyd Cover

Here’s a link to a Pink Floyd cover I did:

Let me know what you think I can work on.


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    I don't know the song and for a while I thought you forgot to add the vocals 😅 you've got good emotion and I can hear you telling the story. Remember though even if it's a softer style there should still be support being used. Not heaps but with a little more support you'll have more consistency with your pitch towards the end of your phrases and on the higher notes. More support will allow your throat to relax more up top and then you can open up the vowel more as well for a slightly rounder sound.

    Still a really nice job singing and playing 👍🏼
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    Hi @NeoK , if I may weigh in... I second Wigs assesment. And I really enjoy your song, you got the emotion and tone in place... I buy it

    Good job with pitch too, though I do hear some parts were you're going flat... Or maybe you're choosing to sing in a lower note of the scale, different from the original..

    In the first part, the phrase "blue skies from pain", in that change from Am to G:

    Originally, the "blue" shares aproximately the same note value from the previous "hell"; I mean when you finish singing "hell", then "blue" should start in almost the same note as "hell" (I believe that's a D4 for "hell" and an E4 for "blue"?), which makes the whole phrase a little higher than what you sang

    Then, the phrase "hot air for a cool breeze" :

    Nice job with "hot ashes for trees", but then your "hot air for a cool breeze" goes flat to the original song, where it is sung higher... I believe that's en E4 too (the "hot air"), not sure but it's around there

    I haven't stopped to pinpoint the rest of your rendition, but this should give you an idea of what I would love to hear, if you're trying to cover it like the original; (that's how I remember the song :D )

    Again good job... If you want to dig deeper into it, try doing it line by line and you're there

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    Thanks for the input! @Wigs @DannyOc3an
    It’s nice to have some constructive feedback.
    I totally hear that now, I was definitely singing those lines a bit lower than the original and didn’t realize it.
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