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hello everyone , i have an idea ,need you advices on that

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does any one know that what was ken's psychology of singing towards his career ....ofcourse today many people can learn and many people can sing but we all know that a psychology of singing for other than as a hobby is something that is tough ....and peoples who are weak somewhat psychologically struggle a lot even though they have every potential to do ...iam sure ken has something that is so golden and important and that is his expierience of life time in singing and career.......now there is more of that but i want to come to the point .....sorry if i am asking childish questions..........but if ken realease something towards of his expiernce or what problems he faces througout his career and what was his psychology.....................there is an example of real life towards my question need you will understand what am i asking ..there was a kid in my school when i was in class8 or 9th .for a school programm there was audition going on and that kid i mean when he starts singing everyone was blow off , i am also just could bielive how good he was ,like his base foundation of chest already build in pure. and after auditions sir selected him for the show . but even though he was really good, but he said he didn't want to go for singing the show since he has no interest or psychology for that and instead he goes for partying with his friends and doing and time wasting while walking round everywhere ,he could have become something i cannot imagine but he didn't have that psychology......now even though he has something or we can say he was really good but his pschycology wasn't build for it ...from that time it becomes a principle for me ......BEING PERFECT IS NOT IMPORTANT BUT THE PSYCHOLOGY TO GO FORWARD IS IMPORTANT , CAUSE if you don't have that psychology then even you are exceptional and rare its just a waste but if you have psychology even you are just born you can become even greater......................

i hope you understand what i am trying to say

main idea was .... ''.but if ken realease something towards of his expiernce or what problems he faces througout his career and what was his psychology towards the journey i am sure it will help many people who are taking singing something as more than hobby ''

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    i get you, however, it probably cannot be generalized. some people might have all the talent but no ambition, and then there are people with much less talent but much more ambition. the course and this forum here, you could consider it the place where Ken is teaching us the knowledge he gathered along the way. if you have the right psychology/motivation, the info to grow your voice is all here. maybe not in the sense that Ken tells you his "war stories" and experiences, but if you follow his path you will experience what it takes, first-hand. the more you dive into it, the more you will notice how little you actually know about this "business". and this is what keeps it exciting (and overwhelming at times), and will keep that motivation going (or not)


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    Ken has talked about his story on his YouTube channel. :) One video you might like is this one:

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    Singing is music. Music is art. Art tells a feeling. Some have no desire to tell their feelings. Some might not have an artful soul, but then still sing for affirmation. Some sing because both. This is why it hurts so much when someone tells you to keep your day job after hearing you sing. It cuts your soul and denies you the affirmation.
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