Hello from Maryland

So I'm not sure how many folks will view this, but I'm brand new to this, although I'm not brand new to doing music or performing.

I'm 50, and have been banging around doing one gig or another since I was 17, mostly on trumpet, which is my main instrument. I always sang - that was something that we did in grade school, and I was lucky enough to be in a very good high school show choir and acapella madrigal choir. Singing always took a back seat to the trumpet though.

In 2001 I joined an upscale wedding band, and I think part of the reason I always kept that gig was because I also sang - mostly backups, but I did a fair number of leads as well.

My main goal in all of this is to see if I can extend my range - I've always felt that if I could bump my range by about a 3rd or 4th, it would open up a whole new world of material for me.

Of course there's more - I've got the whole family, career, two kids, two dogs, etc, but that's the condensed version of 30+ years of gigging.



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