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Help with finding audition songs for a baritone in the style of annie musical

I have an audition to the musical Annie in the start of next month, and I am trying to think of what 1-2 minute song\part of song I can pull out.
I am a baritone, and the song was requested to be in the style of Annie, though I don't want to bore them with an actual song from the musical (Even though I love "Something Was Missing").
I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions for a song that I would be comfortable singing as a baritone (generally up to F4 chest is okay, though maybe E4 is better as my F4 is sometimes still strained. As for Head voice I'm fine up to quite high so that is not a problem). The song should probably also have space for showing off some acting skills through the song itself rather then just being melodic, but the most important thing is still showing off the vocal skills first (so it can't be one of those talking songs that don't show any vocal prowess).

In any case, any suggestions would be highly appreciated, I searched online for a few (such as "Why should I wake up" from cabaret, "If ever I would leave you" and "Camelot" from Camelot and "If I can't love her" from Beauty and the beast, though I'm not entirely sure what would fit the style of Annie and which one is better suited to be able to show off under a stressful environment of an audition, or if there are other options (I'm sure there are) that I haven't thought of).

Thanks in advance!


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    DandelionDandelion Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2021
    What does the audition notice say? Do they want to see something from the show? Do they *not* want to see material from the show? I've occasionally had to learn something new because the director didn't want to see material from the show, and that was where my go to piece was from. (ETA: Upon re-reading your post, I see that in this case, they requested "in the style of".) What are the technical demands of Something Was Missing? Which of your options is the closest match? If time is a factor, are you more confident on one of the options? The thing that shows off your voice and you can sing in your sleep is always going to be a better choice than something that's a closer technical match but not learned completely. If you are serious about musical theater, I highly recommend checking out the Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology. There are multiple volumes for each voice type.
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    eyalidoeyalido 2.0 PRO Posts: 26
    Hey @Dandelion !
    Thank you for the advice, will make sure to check it out. In any case, it turned out that I got another part before the audition came to be, so it ended up not mattering too much for now, but I'll be sure to remember your advice for future auditions :)
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