Truly a Firedance ;)

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Hello my dear divas and dudes!

Just a clip of me singing Firedance (Gotthard) that I would love to receive some feedback for!




I cut some parts out that were not necessary and left you, dear reader and listener, the solid and, at some parts, quite amazing

parts of my recording. It is rather far away from perfect but even I, though critical, am able to think of it as an overall good recording.

I recorded it in one take on Pro Tools with an average-joe-Sm 58, mixed it with compression and a little reverb.

Furthermore my throat feels very open and my Support is working a lot.

What, because of the compressor, can not really be heard on this recording is that I usually belt with a lot of volume and power, which takes a whole

 lot out of this good ol´ support mechanism, which sometimes causes it to become tired and me making mistakes.

These are minor issues though as basically my voice feels very good while using it for hours, heavily belting tough stuff does neither make my voice

sore nor tired. It just feels perfectly fine afterwards.


So, enough of me talking about my voice, what do you think?

What do I do well, where could I improve?


All the very best!

Cheers :)




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    Nice demo.  It would be a little better as a demo if we could hear your voice more dominant over the original vocalist.  You have a lot of range and can sustain notes a long time. You can belt high notes, that's for sure.  Nice job on the E5 at the end.  There were a few places where the pitch was a bit pitchy.

    You have an interesting tone on the high belting. 


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    Hey Bob!

    I know it has been a while since you have posted this comment but all this travelling with my new time machine is quite stressful as I have just returned from the egypt of 3000 BC! Loved the girls there though ;) 

    (disclamer: history student gone bonkers! not to be taken seriously!) 

    Thank you for your feedback, Bob! 
    Oh I can belt a lot higher than E5! Well warmed up I can pull my chest resonance up to an A#5 now which I have done for the first time today.......felt really crazy :) 
    Of course talk is cheap, so wait for my next recording as I am planning to really go medieval on the notes through the proper use of a bloody barbaric call register to make this stuff really nasty! 

    You said that I have an interesting tone on my high belting which kind of reflects my opinion of the sound of my voice as I can't really think of any singer that sounds like me. I used to think of my voice as a strange hybrid of bruce dickinson, steve lee, steve perry and myles kennedy but after listening to the quality and timber of my voice a lot, I am not so sure about it anylonger! Can you think of any other singers I sound similar to? 

    But anyway, I am very happy with me having a distinctive high belting tone as I never tried and never wanted to sound like anyone else! 

    Your feedback is very appreciated :) 

    PS: I LOVE KTVA <3 (You can quote me on that one)
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