Been At It For Past 35 Years

I have been doing music pretty much as long as Ken.
Started writting and sending out demos way back in 1986.
A lot of close calls but never quite got there.
Back when I first started I had a 4 track cassette Tascam.
Would fill up all 4 tracks then send those out to audio in on a Stereo VCR.
Send that back into the Tascam on 2 tracks and leave 2 open.
Things have come a long way since then.
The link below is me singing with my project band live on Farmclub a song I wrote back in 99. I have managed to turn down the I Suck Knob a good bit since then LOL
Always considered myself a songwritter and not a singer. Moved to Nashville 15 years ago to continue songwriting.
People liked my songs here and I got a meeting with one of the higher ups.
He said you can write some great country songs but "You Are Too Country For Nashville". Uhhh, Say What?
I write rock, metal and country but that was about it for me.
Seeing Ken's videos has got me interested in music again as I dropped out after that last meeting.
One of my songs he said was too country for Nashville is called "Your The Reason God Made Prenups" LOL
The song in the video link below is one of the more southern rock songs I wrote.
Hope everyone enjoys it.


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Wasn't too bad mate :smile:
  • bikerdaddybikerdaddy 2.0 ENROLLED, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 17
    That is a fun song! I really like your guitar players tone! The dancing girls are cool too. Vocally you are doing a lot of things "right." Your timbre and "mask" are quite good, and your pitch is not bad at all. I see that you are not signed up for the course, but I think that if you were to take the course you would find that you can improve some things just like the rest of us.
    It is clear from your introduction and from your video that you have done a lot of work, which puts you in a great position to reach the next level without having to start from "ground zero."
    The one problem that you might run into is the one that I had to overcome.
    You see, I started fighting the Nashville Battle even a few years before you did. And I have been playing and singing professionally since the early eighties. I too had a number of "close calls," and brushes with success. This left me at a point that I felt that my lack of fame and fortune was just bad luck and poor timing.
    When I first encountered KTVA, I frankly didn't think that Ken could teach me anything. I also figured that the majority of the folks that were in the course were lacking talent and probably just fell for a brilliant marketing scheme. I could not have been more wrong! I have learned a huge amount from the course and I have met a bunch of really great singers here.
    I suggest that you do what I was hesitant to do: Sign up for the course. For the time being, forget everything that you know, and follow Ken's instruction to a tee.
    I hope that you will join us on a journey toward vocal greatness.
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