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chest pains

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Hi quick question, i just finished 12 hours of rehearsals that was over 2 days though, i am not hoarse at all! which is great as i was sining high male C and even past D sometimes, but i have a bit of chest pain ? am i running the risk of developing nodes at all? i just thought as im not going hoarse i am speaking fine, maybe i have just over done it a tad? again throat is fine just chest really, feels a little like after a run you get that senastion in your chest and in between collar bones. I just feel after a long time i have finaly cracked it as i can still sing, anyway what does this mean? i have heard it could be heart burn ? hopefully someone can help me on this thanks! 


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    You know, when somebody tells you that they're having chest pains, that's when you tell them to go to the doctor and make sure everything's OK on the inside. 

    You should never sing until it hurts.  Your chest pains may or may not be related to your singing, but still, let's see, what else is there in your chest that could hurt? 

    I'm glad that you're not hoarse, but I would like for you to remain healthy, so it might be a good idea to make sure that your heartburn is just heartburn and not an attack.  12 hours of rehearsals could get a little strenuous, and you're not Superman.  Even Superman has to be careful around Kryptonite. 

    There is always the possibility of damaging your voice if you overdo it.  I'm not even sure if you're enrolled in KTVA at this point, let alone how far along you are, for you to have learned how to properly protect your voice.  Please take good care of yourself.  We need you around to sing for a long time!


  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    I know yea it may of sounded a bit worrying im ok, its a bit better now, i wouldnt think it was anything more than just over doing it a bit, im resting today going to steam and not sing. To be honest i wont be doing 12 hour rehearsals anymore that was just a one off, a couple of hours will be all il do i dont think I would have pushed enough to do any permanent damage, so again from now on less hours of rehearsing is all good! 
    im alot happier that im not hoarse :D Thanks for the help Bob (once again) il register properly today! 
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