Demo of May be Fallin

CorcpeteCorcpete 2.0 PRO Posts: 46
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First 40 seconds are a little hard to hear due to the barracks I'm in, what do yall think of it? Country soul really does feel like home
Listen to May be Fallin Demo by Pete Salvatore


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    RLVRLV Member Posts: 168
    Sounds good man, you have a really nice tone, really enjoyed this. You have a pretty fast vibrato most of the time but it actually suits you if you ask me, and those runs are real nice. Song sounds beautiful, great work!
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    CorcpeteCorcpete 2.0 PRO Posts: 46
    Great feedback, I picked up the vibrato style from listening to Freddie mercury and Elvis Presley, I love the style and emotion it conveys, glad the runs are well received as well, the tone has been evolving for the past year in a good way. After my contract is up with the Marine corps, I'm going to Nashville Tennessee to give it my personal shot on the music scene. Real uncut feedback and comments like this is what keeps me writing songs and practicing on my offtime. Thank you my friend.:)
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 106
    You did well I think! I liked the trail off in the end of each phrase. You kept a relaxed position and had nice resonance as you finished each line. In a professional studio setting you will probably sound excellent.
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