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Is the singing course worth it for R&B, Opera(ish)

Hi guyz ;p,

Its been a while since ive been here on the forum.
So im really curious, because Ken Tamplin ins’t really known as a R&B or a opera singer. And i really want to get into the Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston type of singing (wouldn’t mind hitting some Dimash notes aswell 😆). So im just wondering if this will be the right course for me to follow.

Thanks in advance! ;D


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    edited August 2021
    hi! while Ken is certainly more known for rock singing, his teachings are based on Bel Canto, which is the classical technique that opera singers would use.

    Ken teaches "open throat technique", which means you don't pinch the notes, and give them space. Whitney Houston was a master of this, and I think there are videos of Ken breaking down her technique (maybe the isolated vocal series). So you are definitely on the right track here.

    The idea of the course is to build a "runner's body" for your voice which is fit do do all sorts of singing.

    If you want to know if daily exercises are for you (about 1 hour 5-6 times a week are recommended on the course), you can go and check out my profile page to "demo" the course by doing these exercises i put there (it will give you a taste, and you might already hear improvements after about 2-4 weeks if you are consistent). unfortunately, daily singing training is the only way to learn it, no shortcuts possible (you need to build muscle, and that takes time).
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