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Hi , I just passed out my High school and I have tremendous passion for music especially in singing!! And now my parents are instructed me to do degree in medicine or engineering like that, I have passion to be singer: after a long conversation I was be like, I have to do a degree on that. That's all I can do whatever I want.
After some argument I got a solid year of time to pursue my passion, then I must have to join collage, my dream to become a best singer...
I following ken course. After my high school for a month to now I been practicing like 5 hours a days like doing audio workouts again and again if got distracted I got 5 to mins break and I will start practicing it like ken explains in the course
After that I got little soreness with a 2-3 hours I am completely fine I can sing or practice again without any problems But I am cautious that If I practice with so much volume I got soreness easily, by practicing calm and perfect I can go even longer time... Without soreness or tired in my voice next day (I mean not that much) but if I can singing songs my throat easily start pain after some 20-30 mins which is feels like something on the vocal chords! Like pimples pain in face,..
Now I can reach G2 - D4 easily and I can go F2 - F4 if I strain or push myself or if I warmup for long periods
•My pitch was kind of okay to hear but not great I have to watch pitch apps to monitor it to find where I am.
•breath control was average.
•great posture!.
Till now I was be like start practice mid noon 12 to mostly 5 o'clock evening with 10-15 mins rest between hours
Now,I been thinking of changing my routine to
To do twice once in the Morning 6 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 8 pm with 10 mins rest after every hour
But that thing I mentioned before that little strain feeling in my throat when I sing high notes when without warm ups or long singing
Make me fear may I over-singing or practicing or what if I lost my voice will send chills down to my spine!
I am really worry what if I can't be a great singer 😔
And I need guidance for that like

~how long can I practice

~am I doing anything wrong

~or can I increase my practice period with focus or intensity by managing time and rest

~because I just brought 3.0 I am going start form the beginning from Sep 12 or 13 (have a exam on that day so)

~or in a day how I can separate my timing to practice my vocal like "first this much time warm up next bridge then chest stretch next sliders next etc like that " not doing those audio workouts again and again I mean I hope you understand 😅(sorry for bad English not my native)

~ or do I will lost my voice I go on this path

~IS am doing right or I am wasting time because I not have any important work for year other then this , my only thing for the next year is this vocal and music so, can anyone pls tell me what I can do to maximize my productivity and quality of my journey in singing and music

~what are signs that I should stop immediately

~what are the foods I can implement to keep my vocal's safe

~and if I ever feel hard in my throat I used to drink milk which my grandma prepare
It was like ( Milk + turmeric + pepper) no sugar or sometimes
(Milk + honey + little cinnamon)
Is it good or bad ? But after drinking I felt so good in my throat mostly 😊
Then I take some rest!

~ And what are the things I can do to recover my voice completely in good decent amount of time /how can I improve that in all the ways possible

~ doing all 7 days a week is fine or not?

~ is this affect me anyways?

~during my practice if I got tried or bored sometimes I go for an walk or cycling or I will sleep. Or sometimes going out while that I always hum and mostly I saw a video about relaxing vocal he said hum like a (motar sound in throat) not know how to describe it. Is it good or bad? Can I do that? But still I am doing that

~and I always sing in the low volume sometimes that makes me tried is it bad?

~in between what can I do..

~ I am great fan of low voice I watch songs on YouTube and I sing with them by lowering my larynx very low I can't Match that but I do I love that and I feel like that opens my voice or warming up my voice is it any wrong?

~am so worried of high notes what I mean by that is I am afraid of stretching or hitting my High note for me it's F4 what I am afraid is while doing I feel like I may lose voice I don't feel safe singing f4 because I have to push a little bit and that makes me sore easily. I am worrying about right thing or I am thinking stupid?

~and I not sure what is my bright Timbre sounds be like because I never heard myself before with Ken advice with that ah vowel open myself and I do that

~ And I always dreamt of that vocal tone of my favourite singers the vocal tonal quality is awesome and I am in love I mentioned there some singing videos link and can anyone tell me what are they have in common what can I do to make my vocal quality like them?
Here are they ;

Sid Sriram : https://youtu.be/u18f5K98VMY

SPB : https://youtu.be/kdOLeG2X2jI
(Especially these two 👆👆)
Pradeep Kumar : https://youtu.be/rF3_Yhn_dQQ

Karthik : https://youtu.be/E8zxqLbUCug

Yuvan : https://youtube.com/shorts/x61QQj4uDgU?feature=share

You know the great "Dimash"
Harrison craig : https://youtu.be/VdNtimPkagM

BASS : Geoff Castellucci ; https://youtu.be/fzlT80jQ3lo

And ed Sheeran ; perfect symphony https://youtu.be/9qTLOVC_khU

I don't know that you have time check all these but these voice are my dreams if anyone checked can tell me what are the flavours I can add to my practice routine to make my dreams come true and that really will help me so, much

And your comment of my routine how can I improve or change for better and tips please

Thank you so, much for reading and I am sincerely waiting for your reply 💗


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    edited September 2021
    a very short answer would be: read the PDF for how to do the course, and read the threads that are about this subject.

    and most importantly, post LAH scales, it is the easiest way to know where you stand and what to change.

    doing the course as layed out is going to give you the results. make sure not to be too loud. but again, if we hear you, we can tell you more
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