Hi, everyone! Vocal Student from Russia.

LoveToBeltLoveToBelt 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1
I've been taking local vocal lessons for almost a year now but want to up my game a bit. I've actually discovered Ken Tamlin's vocal academy 4-5 years back but haven't taken my passion to sing seriously back then. I'm spooked a bit by the shire size of the course (I've bought 3.0 btw) and have yet to consistently start on exercises, it's all a bit confusing now. Hopefully, this forum helps.

I'd like to think that my main strength is voice power and emotion, hence I love to sing in a belting register. My main weakness is definitely confidence followed by pitch..

Would love to post some scales and demos in the future and look forward to progress on the signing journey along with fellow students/enthusiasts on this forum. :)


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