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In some of Ken's videos he mentions that a lot of the singers I favor tend to use nasality. Axl Rose a ton, Tom Keifer, Jon Bon Jovi, Bret Michaels, even Sebastian Bach. He repeats often he prefers the more well rounded sound of Coverdale and Paul Rodgers. So is nasality a copout basically? Is nasality something that should be fixed or cured or is it a technique that, if preferred, can be honest, maybe even embraced?


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    It's an individual thing. It can be a crutch to get to certain notes and if used too much makes your voice a bit one dimensional and smaller sounding. A rounder tone sounds fuller and bigger. Mask and nasality share some of the same properties, and mask is used to stay bright in the sound in the upper register, but they are all part of the different textures of tone you can apply to your voice to achieve a certain effect.
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