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There's a lot of musical terms derived from the root word "tone." Obviously the root itself, tone, then there's intonation, tonality, tonicity. What is the difference between these individually, as well as the word, pitch. Also I've heard there's 4 kinds of intonation. Rising, falling, non-final and wavering intonation. What is the difference between these and how do they affect melody?


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    Pitch has to do with note value, as in what the note is such as C4. If you try to sing a C4 but are actually lower then you would be singing flat. If you are singing higher then you will be sharp. Flat and sharp are relative to the pitch you are trying to sing. There are sharp and flat note values as well, but if the note you are trying to sing is a sharp and you match the note then you are considered singing on pitch relative to the note.

    Tone has more to do with the texture of your sound. Without googling those words I can't give you a definitive answer on what each one stand for. For singing though you can use tones such as bright, airy, distorted, clean, gritty, gravelly ect.
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