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Hello everyone! I'm Ceddie Ced and I am a 55 year old black male looking to become an R&B Singer. About 2 years ago I decided to give learning how to sing a try. I'm a do-it-yourselfer kind of guy and could be loosely considered a jack of all trades. I like to think that I'm fairly talented because of the time I put in working on improving my skills. I've always taken a common sense approach to learning and that's simply take the whole and break it down into small digestible chunks and then try and master each chunk in order. I always strive to the best or put forth my best effort when I'm doing anything. I'm very competitive and hate being bad or even average at anything. It's that competitive nature and drive that I have that has brought me here. Now that I've decided that I want to do Karaoke, I will not, under any circumstances, go out and try and perform any song that I'm not prepared to do very well. I'm in no hurry and now is willing to except help in achieving my goal of becoming and R&B singer. Just from browsing around here, I haven't seen anyone singing any soulful R&B songs yet. Because Ken's philosophy is very similar to mine, I decided to give KTVA a try and see if this course really is for any style of singing. I probably have several hundred recordings of me practicing that I plan on sharing in the demo section for comments and advice. Also, just a heads up to the moderators, if I ask a question, it's because I've already used the search function and couldn't find the answer. I'm really anxious to get started with the course but I need to give my voice a break today because I wore my voice out in my last practice session and it's a little sore now. The result of me misusing my instrument I've come to find out. So I'll just upload a few recordings and just watch the intro videos today. I'm looking forward to seeing what this course can do for me.


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    hi Ceddie! good to have you here. Ken wants us to build a "runner's body" as he calls it for our voice, meaning, one that can take on any type of singing. you need more power and stamina for rock, but if you can do that, you can do softer things too. i am sure you will find a few softer numbers done by Ken as well (at least i remember a few christmas songs being uploaded, but there must be more if you look for it)

    there is a weekly assignment going on on this forum, there you can listen to student's of various level singing lots of different styles, also softer stuff. and you can also join in, of course

    you made a good decision by getting the course, and you will like how it is layed out, it will match up with your learning style well i reckon.

    if you oversung, you might want to do a very light warmup the next day to reset your voice
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    Welcome friend!
    The fact that your voice is a little sore informs that you have made a great choice in signing up for the course! If you follow Ken's instruction, you will not find yourself in that situation again. One recommendation is that rather than sitting out until you feel better, do a very light workout of breathing, lip rolls, tongue drills, and soft ah vowels, and breathing exercises. Bring your voice back by gently working it rather than letting it atraphy. Last, as far as questions, ask anything! The moderators around here are very helpful and I have never seen a negative comment from any of them. In fact, my experience is that the whole community tries to lift each other up.
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    CeddieCedCeddieCed 3.0 Streaming Posts: 29
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