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Ken's program works

These are what I wanted Ken to hear about a year and a half ago. Since then I'd mimic gabby Sara and Kayla on their vids so vocal match was easy for me. I always try changing sometimes from how the songs are. It's hard sometimes when you hit areas that match the original artist.

Since my evaluation from Ken some time back. I waited to bring a few new covers out, I'm an original artist. I barely sang covers my entire time as a band. So after much work using areas I needed I belted out this song by led zeppelin

Listen to Paige Stormblade - Black Dog - Led Zeppelin Cover by Stormblade on #SoundCloud

And this one by guns roses. Yes there is a vocal processor use in this.

Listen to Paige Stormblade - It's So Easy_Guns N Roses Cover by Stormblade on #SoundCloud

And yes I can get deep on my voice.


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