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Constant nasal trouble and mucus

I also posted this on Ken's cover of November Rain on YouTube, hoping he can address it through a video. There's a few questions here, but I think they're all related.
When I try to sing, normally high and/or powerfully (to my standards albeit) I am restricted because I constantly struggle with mucus. My nostrils are often clogged, and I ALWAYS feel phlegm in the very back of my palate. I'm hocking up loogies over and over and over again trying to clear it for a clearer tone but it never goes away and so I have to force an open sound. Most of the time it's my right nostril that's clogged, sometimes even scabbed - which means it's actually really dry. I try drinking water (I drink at least three 16oz bottles a day), sometimes with powders and even carbonated drinks which I know aren't good for you, but nothing helps! I'm blowing my nose constantly and I have always sounded very nasally, ever since I learned to speak because I speak through my nose actually. So when I sing, I run into the same problem. I don't know how to speak through my mouth. I'll give you a very honest example because I believe it may describe my situation even more: In my teen years I used to smoke marijuana, but when I tried to hit the bong - I couldn't inhale unless I plugged my nose! That tells me I would face the same inhibitions when singing. (I have not tried plugging my nose when I sing yet!) I'm only 24, so I'm hoping there's still time to change this, but I don't even know where to begin. Can someone please help?


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