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Pain when breathing for singing

I just purchased KTVA Volume 1, and right off the bat I’m having trouble with diaphragmatic support. I can maintain rib cage expansion and good posture, but as soon as I take a controlled, yet relaxed breath from the low diaphragm, it feels anything but relaxed. It feels like the muscles in my stomach are stretching further than they should and it just feels uncomfortable. I am a rather fit guy, and so I speculate it could have something to do with a tightness in the abdomen, as I can’t physically protrude my belly as far as I feel is necessary in order to adequately support a phrase. I’m fact my belly hardly moves at all when I attempt a very deep low diaphragmatic breath. Anyways, this makes me harbor tension that ultimately spreads to my chest, neck, and throat. No bueno. Please help! Thank you


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