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A Vocal Instructors Analysis

Hi guys. I sent two audio recordings of me singing to a coach who offered free analysis. I won't post the recordings here because they're no on SoundCloud or YouTube, but I'll give you his analysis. I want to know if it sounds legit, because idk if someone can tell all this from only 2 recordings.

As I hear, you can work on your mouth and tongue position. Your larynx on high notes goes up but I feel like it's likely because your tongue is pulling it up. For low notes you might wanna stay connected to your appoggio (support but I prefer calling it "leaning") because you tend to loose the color of your voice and let air take over your sound. To get louder but still sound elegant and controlled you must activate your vocal folds more. Now you are on mid range and about %10 of activation. If you activate more without getting nasal you'll have more sound. Air is your enemy. You smile too much and spread your mouth on high notes which causes tension on muscles and pull your larynx up (your larynx should always be relaxed and down). Nasal is your enemy also (and dangerous) . I would definitely work on a profound breathing system which will give you more core, more sound and longer phrases. As I hear you sometimes breathe by filling your chest, instead of necessary points to grow into the sound / with the sound.

I hope that will be helpful! I am doing very affordable singing lessons, I focus on improving your chest voice, vocal cord closure, breathing, posture, head voice, correct larynx position and many other things that's neccessary for your voice. My trial lesson is 15€ and lessons are 25€ per hour. Let me know if you are interested. Please check out my instagram to see my singing videos so you can have an idea about my technique.

Any thoughts, guys?


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    ElaraElara Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 327
    Hi @Teddysready,

    It is possible to tell a lot from recordings, but I'm afraid we don't discuss other teachers here, as this forum is a place to discuss Ken's teaching. However, you are welcome to get feedback from us here on your singing! You can upload your recordings to Soundcloud or YouTube and choose the options to keep them unlisted, so only people who have the link can see them, and then post those links here.
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