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Slight soreness

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Sometimes when I sing really 'heavy stuff', I notice a slight soreness on the chords. It is nothing close to becoming hoarse, I just feel that I have used the chords, like when I was a kid and had cried, and were left with this subtle sensation afterwards. It disappears after a short while, and the voice is not affected. It is strong and clean and I can sing for long time. Is this normal, or are we supposed to feel nothing when we sing, should our chords be like 'baby skin', if you know what I mean?


  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    You may just be experiencing fatigue. When we sing heavy or even distort the voice we are stressing out the cords. You will need time and practise to develop the support stamina to maintain this. Luckily Ken is doing a webinar on the subject!
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