Just another dude introducing himself

Hello, dear friends! I am Aster.
I am a metal guitar player, pianist, professional music producer, composer (mostly for cinematography), and rookie singer.
I have been a follower of Ken for quite some time, and have recently, with the help of a friend who has the 2.0 course, gone through the basic concepts and foundation of Ken's singing method.

Initially I got into singing for the sake of not relying on others when creating my music and have, very quickly, began to love it, becoming very interested in becoming the best singer I can be. I wouldn't say singing comes to me naturally, though. I have a long way to go.

Joining this forum, I hope that I can get more insight and information that can help me along my singing journey. As a sign of appreciation for this forum, though I am not an official KTVA member (since I haven't enrolled into the course), I would be glad to share any knowledge that I possess concerning music production (recording, mixing, mastering, etc.), composing, or guitar and piano, with anyone who has the need for it.

My music tastes revolve mostly around metal sub-genres (gothic, power, melodic), with my favorites being groups like Týr, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Wisdom, just to name a few. Though I am a huge appreciator of powerful, soaring vocals (and far from mastering them), being sorted as a dramatic baritone during my brief classical studies, I very much love listening to bands with singers resembling my voice type, bands like Moonspell, Charon, and such. Being a composer, of course, I very much listen to many other genres and types of music.

To any who care to read this, I am looking forwards to sharing my singing journey with you all!
- Aster


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