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Help on apply things i learn

hey my name is Dakota i am 16 and live in a little town called wausau Wisconsin. i need help on my singing and i have gone throw lesson one and now just going on the second lesson of how to sing better then anyone else. i am trying to apply the things i have learned to singing songs for my band and soon writing songs. from my point of view my singing needs a lot of work haha, but i am more of a guitarist then singer. i am one person not to quit and put 110% into my guitar playing and my band Killing Rapunzel. i try to keep the band going if its from running sound to now learning how to sing. i will keep my goals that i have for myself in music till they are reached. if their is any help you can give to me on my singing and maybe my band it would mean the world to me. thank you for your time 
 Dakota Malinowski 
P.S this is a cover of The Day That Never Comes by Metallica


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Hello, Dakota.

    Be sure to watch Ken's videos and pay very close attention to everything he shows you.

    Do the audio exercises every day and keep at it for quite some time.

    You will find that your voice will begin to grow like never before.

    If you have bought one or more of the KTVA volumes, you should request to have your forum status changed to "enrolled".  That will reveal a lot more articles in the forum for you to learn from, as well as access to Ken's recordings of the KTVA Webinars.

    Send an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com   and copy and paste a copy of your purchase receipt into your email.  Ask to have your status upgraded on the forums.


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    DakotaMalinowskiDakotaMalinowski Member Posts: 10
    thanks Bob and i will do that. :)
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