Hello from Vancouver, BC.

I am in a working band called Clouds of Analog.  I have been inspired by huge vocalists such as Meatloaf and Peter Gabriel growing up.  I have emulated myself with their techniques. I have always enjoyed the epic style of vocals.  The big chest pound :)  I had a series of vocal lessons with no results.  This is largely due to the teacher never able to sing the way I know I can and also never showing me how to take what I have learnt and apply it to my songs.  I have taught myself how to sing and I have always been super eager to grow and become the singer I know I can be.  So I found KTVA by fluke  a couple weeks ago and jumped.  I am working the first CD everyday now for the past couple weeks.  I love learning!!!!!
Here is a link to my website. Enjoy.  
Talk to you all soon,




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    Hi, Robin,

    Welcome to KTVA.  You are going to like what this program is going to do for your voice. It sounds like you're amped-up to make a lot of progress, so go for it!

    Epic Chest-Pounding!   Yeah!


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