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Trying to apply everything I have learned on KTVA I have tried to sing Easy on me from Adele on one take. I did on the original key for training purposes.

I find this song super hard to sing. Could you please give me some feedback? There are some flats and me hiting the mic with the mouth on some part 🙈 but I am interested in the overall tone, feeling, technique, ... I don't like the sound of my voice, sounds super amateur to me but I don't know why 🤷. The only processing it has is a bit of eq, reverb and delay from my pedals.


I am currently doing module 2 and feel quite comfy with the exercises. I am trying to apply contiguous phrase singing and all the things Ken says, but I am not having good results I think.



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    i don't know the song.

    i don't think you sound bad at all. it sounds a tiny bit strained in places (for example@3:15), but you get to pretty high notes. i was expecting WAY less after reading your post :)

    it is defintely high for you, but i think if you work the song out with AH-only and then vowel-only, you can improve it, and keep it contiguous (which i think you are doing quite well already). work on the mods for parts you struggle with.

    having said that, even Ken says he lowers keys for songs he starts learning so that he can get a grip, and then later only he raises the key. so don't be shy to lower the key 1-2 semitones to work it out

    your voice has a nice tone and the emotion was there too. i think in fact it sounded quite impressive. remember that you are on the intermediate part (vol 2), your toolbox will fill up more as you go along, which gives you a more professional sound. plus the more time you spend the better it gets anyway. it is a journey!

    how long have you been doing the course now?

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    @Klaus_T , @VoxBoxMcSingy thank you so much for taking the time to listen and share your thougts, it means a lot to me :) .

    @Klaus_T , you have shocked me with your comment, thank you very much. I'll keep working as you say. I have been doing the exercises consistently but I havent worked much on applying those things to the actual singing. I think I'll make that my priority.

    I purchased the course three years ago but haven't been consistent on my training until this year. Now I do the exercises three days a week, one hour each day. But only the exercises of vol 2, I think that might be my problem. I need to apply that to singing songs hahaha :D I am starting to experiment with a bit of compression as shown in vol 3 too, to check how it feels.

    @VoxBoxMcSingy , thank you for your words. I listen to myself and feel strange about the voice .. But maybe it is that feeling of listening to one self :)

    Thank you so much!!
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    Wow a beautiful tone in your chest voice! And you are right, that song is very hard to sing... so you did a good job on this song!
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    Thank you so much for your kind words @shining !! This gives me strength to keep practicing!! 🙏
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    Ill second what the others have said. I was surprised by what you could do with this song, yes it needs a fair bit of work, but that's just time growing your voice to be able to hold those powerful higher notes steady and keep everything open and relaxed.
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    Thank you so much @Wigs !!
    I'll keep at it 🙏.
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