Turbo Lover Demo

Hi Bob. Hope youre in good health. Ive attched a number 'Turbo Lover' to this. I ahve been really working and concentrating on support,support,support. I also think this is a better recording than the others (although still far from perfect!)

Let me know what you think....if you hear some improvment.....your input is invaulable and honest and most appriciated.

Cheers Tom



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    Good job on this one.  Yes, I can tell you have been working hard.  You're singing nice and bright.  Nice support at 1:34 and nice character at 2:42.  The parts that could maybe use a bit more support are the quieter parts.  That would give a little more body to those lower parts. 

    Yes, the recording is the best I've heard from you so far.  Your voice sits well in the mix.  For vocal evaluation purposes, you could probably bring your vocals up and the music down, but for just musical enjoyment I like the rocking backing tracks like you have it here.

    Keep working hard... It pays off!


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    Hey thanks Bob. I ahve attached another tune here.Now on this one I have turned the music right down so its really only my voice with a very slight music sound in the background. This one will give you the best indicator for voice assessment I guess.

    Its actually a very campy tune 'Iam what I am' (so dont laugh!!!...just kidding...I just felt like doing it.

    Tell me what you think.

    Cheers my friend. Tom




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    Sorry, Tom, but it's a funny song, so I had to laugh!

    The title makes it sound like something Popeye the Sailor would sing! 

    Thanks for making the mix be vocal-dominant.  That's really the best way to let us hear your voice over the instruments.

    Your pitch is pretty accurate, and you're keeping it bright.  Without the music up high, I can hear that you would benefit by continuing to strengthen your support, support, support!  You're in good company on that one, because we all have to really build our support to monster proportions.

    Now I think I'm going to hear that tune going around in my head for the next several days!  Ha!

    Good one!


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    Hey Bob. You got a Great sence of humor mate!...cool. Just for that Im gonna give you another tune to listen to...Its Breaking the Law. Now a few things. This is not a vocal dominant but a home mix, also I sang this over a Guitar cover I downloaded from YouTube. This guy plays this tune in a somewhat fater temo than Im used to so I felt I was rushing it a bit but I managed without getting tounge wrapped so to speak.

    Had some fun here. but Id still like your input. As far as your input is concerned Id like to say this. Since 'working' with you I KNOW Ive got better. Im now actually starting to figure things out a lot more, put more acuratly, Im actually 'discovering' little but many subtleties about what I can do....hope you know what I mean here. You've been Firat Class....Thanks.

    OK 'Breaking The Law'




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    That's a fun tune, Tom.

    It's well-suited to your voice, and seems to be a good match for your character.  Breaking the law... I think you like stretching the boundaries.

    Nice job on the F#5 at 1:16.   Interesting growl at 1:30, and it sounded like it was done safely.

    You sound like your throat is opened up on this one, so good job with that. This song also sounds well-supported, supported, supported!  Keep up the good work.


  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162

    Cheers Bob. As far as the 'growl' is concerned it IS safe. I used to have strain before I did 'open throat' now I feel I can do 'Breaking the Law' style vocals all day long without any adverse effect at all....thats a promise. I made a note in the last discussion of how I am 'discovering things'. I am actually going really easy there actually. Im really going into an 'E' vowel...kepping the back of my throat open an having a letter box mouth shape and just letting it out really...If I was actually growling agressivly I think Id would clamp up and find it real hard to continue with the rest of the peice.

    Again thanks for the input maestro!

    Keep well my friend and I will keep practising and working.

    Cheers Tom

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