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Adding weight in the upper register

Hello, i'm a guy who loves evanescence songs, so i'm trying to improve myself in order to sing those songs. However I can't seem to keep my voice chesty beyond my passage especially at A5/B5/C5, C5 is my highest note in head mix, what's the key to do this?


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,421
    you need to stretch your chest voice so that the range increases. you do that by doing the exercises. if you want to start and see how that would be like, you can do the routine that is on my profile page. it is free. do it 5x a day, start with 10-20 mins. then increase to about an hour over a few weeks. singing chest heavy stuff is an art form in itself and takes time to learn and master. there are lots of details like vowel mods (you find some of Ken's videos about that on YT). the course really gets into all the details and gives you the full story, but you will also improve if you do these free exercises. make sure to avoid oversinging (being too loud) or distort your voice here. imagine it is a muscle that cannot do heavy lifting on day one.
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