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The Difference A Year And A Half Makes

Hey guys!
So it's my 3 year anniversary of KTVA! (Keep in mind I've never gotten any one on one lessons and had no prior training to the course). The video below was recorded as one take. The only adjustments to my raw vocals is the little echoey reverb my editor put in while combining the vocals and instrumental.
The whole bridge is in my mixed voice (except the high note which is in head). I had to really pay attention to my glottal compression to maintain the mixed voice without my voice cracking.
Please let me know what you think!

Now here is a recording I did on my computer about a year and a half ago of the same song. I listened to it a few minutes after hearing my newest recording and my husband and I were cracking up at how bad it was haha
Funnily enough I've been doing the same Vol 3 workouts for the past year and a half and WOW what a difference it's made! This is why it's so fun to go back and revisit old songs. If you want to see just how far I've come give it a listen :) (video is private for obvious reasons lol)


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