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Vocal fach

Elijah9Elijah9 2.0 PRO Posts: 73
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I couldn't find vocal fach in the category section.
I watched Ken videos on vocal fach, but it is unclear for me where i sit really, cab i get a little help on that
I am 21 year old male
When i speak i am around G#2 to Bb2 range
My lowest note is G2 , A2 after warming up, i don't have a bari voice weight for sure, my voice sounds something like Chester Benningtons voice(in regards of darkness and agility) maybe a little darker. My first passagio is around D4-Eb4(E4 after warming up), not sure for the second one but it should be somewhere around Bb4, since i just started volume 3, i haven't yet gotten to stretching my chest super high. My highest head voice note is F5
Some mornings i wake up i can go down to F2 but it is rare like 3-4 times in 3 months. So my confussion was that i have a high first passagio and i believed that i was a countertenor, but then again i can go down to G2 with not a lot of darkness/girth so does that make me lyric baritone?


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