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Power: Head vs Chest Voice

Perhaps I misunderstood what Ken was saying, but I understood Ken to say on a few occasions that the chest voice is more powerful than the head voice. I personally find my head voice to have more power. So then I thought that perhaps the higher pitch of the head voice just cuts through other sounds more than the lower pitch of the chest voice.

I then asked a highly trained singer about this, and he said that his head voice is at least of more powerful than his chest voice.

Can anyone tell me what I misunderstood?


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
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    Depending on which part of your voice is more developed, its possible you have more strength in your head voice compared to your chest voice. If you have trained your full voice though, then you can add as little or as much power as you want within your range. The amount of power ultimately should be a conscious choice you make. Lets say you're a guy singing a G4, if you have been training then you can sing this note in head, chest and mix voice with different blends of texture and tone. If you can only sing this very loudly or very softly, then there is still some work to do to get full control.

    Ultimately KTVA trains you to have 1 long powerful note, and once you achieve this, its always easier to dial back the sound to something more gentle. You also have to keep training to keep your voice strong, the more chest voice range and power you can control by doing your daily exercises, the bigger you tool box for singing and performing.
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