Greetings from Terence

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Greetings fellow singers,

I’m Terence and purchased Ken’s course two months ago. The course, the man, this forum, and many members here are pretty remarkable. I’m especially grateful for Ken’s persistence and making Bel Canto principles accessible to the non-opera world.

As a 16-year-old, I tried everything to develop the voice and bridge my recently pronounced break/passagio. After a few crummy teachers (for whom the proof wasn’t in the singing, opera teachers, SLS course, etc.) I found Cornelius Reid’s “The Free Voice: A Guide to Natural Singing.” It was great information that changed everything. However, it was far from the clear roadmap Ken has now put forward.

Goals: To fully develop my voice safely, to match the sentiments of the songs I write and the worship music at church.

Some recordings from 1998 for pre-KTVA reference:

What Part of Me Remains

Armistice Day

Everything I'll Ever Be


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