I'd like to reintroduce myself

Hi everyone,
I joined in Feb this year (2021) and tbh haven't got around to properly starting, mainly due to self consciousness. I play blues harmonica and guitar. I want to join/start a band focusing on early electric chicago blues (1950's Muddy waters etc.).
I'm always singing around the house but become shy when attempting to sing properly with guitar. I know that I just need to man up and get on with it which is why I am reintroducing myself here.
I'm a young 54 btw.


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    Gday mate :smile: I understand how daunting it is the first time you start to put yourself out there. I want to reassure you that this is a safe place to start and share your journey and growth. Its not about how good or bad you are, we listen for things we can help correct and encourage for people of all levels.

    Its good to have you back and make sure you have a good look around the student area to see what other people have uploaded, it should help to ease your worries a little.
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    just do the starter exercises and get used to the feel of singing. remember a singer is only a singer because he has the guts to be a singer. the resistance you feel is natural but you just need to jump right into it.

    it will be well worth it!
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