Low Bass getting back into singing after 30ish years.

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I'm am an older bass, approaching 50ish.

I sang bass back in highschool.. Choir and a Double Quartet. Some college choir, but haven't done any serious singing since.

I rediscovered how much I enjoy it after hearing Tim Foust of Home Free and Geoff Castellucci of Voice Play.

What was so exciting to me was Tim and Geoff regularly hit notes below C2, in the range that I always wanted to play around with in high school, but couldn't.

I've been playing around with getting the rust out of my vocal apparatus for a few months now, and can hit a G1 in chest voice fairly consistently now, and can go even lower using fry (chest fry). and am studying subharmonics and growl as well.

Both Tim and Geoff also have incredible ranges, and following their example, I'm taking my vocal training seriously, which is what has brought me here.


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    Welcome to the forum and course mate :smile: I always get excited when bass singers join, big resonant tones while not always the exciting money notes, are more beautiful to me and far out of my reach.
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