Haven’t posted in a while, so I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still around. I recorded 4 takes of this earlier today. This is the 4th take. The song is “Evergreen”, the love theme from the 1976 movie “A Star is Born” starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristoffersen. Streisand composed the music and Paul Williams provided the lyrics. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome. @Wigs @Rick_amateur @doc_ramadani @shining @Vocality @DannyOc3an @Chris82 @jmstanle https://www.smule.com/sing-recording/2547129935_4244580665


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    Hello Randy, nice job I enjoyed it. Nice vibrato through all the song.. Some feedback?.. Nothing important. Maybe check out the part around the 1:16 time mark with the word "love" a small pitch variation that caught my ear, try to hit the note value from the very first moment don't go with a tendency to sing an aproximate note and briefly correcting it. A less noticeable one happened with the "I" around the 1:07, like a small brief scooping from one note to the right one. Mentally prepare the correct note before singing the phrase so your very first phonation comes out on target

    2. Maybe I would love to hear a smoother tone at the very beginning of the song on those AHHH AHHH, I find it like a bit of oversinging on the bottom, back off the power a bit on the first notes so it comes out smoother. A more silky "head" tone would be beter suited instead of a power bright belt with this song (only in this starting AHHH parts, nice job on the rest) :blush:

    All in all nice job B)

    Ps. Had a second listen to it, on the first "love" at the beginning of the song I can tell a slight scooping too, as when trying to find the pitch. Very very subtle, but it adds to what I was refering to about singing your very first phonation as close as possible to the right note value as opposed to begin the phonation with an approximate note and quickly trying to find the right pitch :#
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    Thanks, @DannyOc3an. I did the scooping intentionally as I thought it was done stylistically in the versions I’ve heard. Perhaps I went overboard; perhaps I’m misremembering how previous artists have sung it.
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    Great you're aware Randy, even greater if you use it on purpose! As long as you don't do it out of bad habit but style it's cool B)
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    You've got a nice crooning tone for this song. Some of your notes could have a bit tighter pitch and I feel some of the phrases need a bit more contiguous phrasing. At the end I could hear you almost settle into a more natural vibrato, I think you've made some improvements in that area. Good to hear you still singing Randy :smile:
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    @Wigs Thanks for the listen, Chris!
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    Randy beautiful job suits your voice well, kinda agree with @wigs on the pitch on some of the notes but it was very good rendition. That vibrato was pretty fast at the end sound like it was for effect.

    Havent been on forum either for a while been having issue with Siatic nerve pain down 1 leg as a result been sitting down doin vol 1 but thankfully its getting better with stretches. Good to say hello to you all again.

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    @Vocality Sorry to hear about the sciatic pain. Hope it improves. Glad to hear you’re still singing.
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